Elastomeric Coatings: The Best Protection for Your Masonry Surfaces

Your exterior surfaces are always at risk, especially since they’re left so exposed to the elements. Wind, rain, temperature fluctuations, UV rays... They all take an inevitable toll. That’s why we recommend routine inspections and maintenance to ensure that your facility looks professional and is fully-protected all year round.

Masonry exteriors may be durable and low maintenance overall, but age and time do reveal unique vulnerabilities.

In the course of our commercial painting services, we most often see moisture damage within masonry buildings. Wind-driven rain in particular will exploit these weak points, extending the damage right into your facility’s interior as well.

The key is to prevent the problem altogether! Let’s take a closer look at why and how elastomeric exterior coatings are an ideal solution.

What Is an Elastomeric Coating?

Think of it as a very specialized paint (although it is technically a coating, and there is a difference if you get into the nitty gritty).

This high-build coating provides not only a fresh look, but also a waterproof barrier. This makes it uniquely equipped to protect your masonry exterior, filling gaps and creating a smooth, attractive armor.

4 Key Benefits of Exterior Elastomeric Coatings

  1. The coating is applied at a low spread rate to offer high mileage and a thicker barrier. In turn, this creates excellent surface coverage with better long-term performance.
  2. Waterproofing! As we touched on above, elastomeric coatings provide a unique, waterproof barrier that seals your masonry surface. The process needs to be approached carefully for the best results, with all the proper steps and best practices. We have the experience and expertise needed for this kind of work, but not all commercial and industrial painters do.
  3. Stands up well to wind-driven rain and more extreme weather events. Many exterior products work well in ideal conditions, but elastomeric coatings are a powerhouse of protection.
  4. Strong return on your investment! A properly applied and maintained elastomeric coating will protect and enhance your property, offering both value and savings. After all, anytime you can enhance aesthetic appeal while preventing moisture and intrusion and damage, it’s a win from every angle.

Let’s Discuss Your Exterior Painting and Coating Needs

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