Carpentry Services

Painting and carpentry often go hand-in-hand, whether you need repairs made or are upgrading your aesthetic with new trim or molding. To layer in extra value and efficiency, we have a dedicated carpentry team that lets us keep the process in-house.

Maintenance Carpentry: Keeping Your Property in Top Condition

Our maintenance carpentry services are designed to keep your commercial property looking and functioning at its best. From minor repairs to large-scale projects, our team of experienced carpenters can handle it all:

  • Wood repairs

  • Door replacements

  • Window replacements

  • Cabinetry repairs

  • Crown molding and baseboard repairs

  • Trim… and more

We are extremely proud of our invested team and high employee retention rate, and the personalized service experience this allows us to offer. Our clients know that their project will be handled by us directly, with clear communication, consistency, and a unique efficiency that can only be offered by a team that works together for YOU.

 Carpentry Services

Wood Rot Repair: Protecting Your Property from Damage

Our carpenters are experts in wood rot repair, quickly identifying and addressing the issue to prevent further deterioration and expense. We’ll complete spot repairs, if possible, or carefully remove affected wood and replace it with durable, treated materials.

The Benefits of Working with a Commercial Painting Company That Offers Carpentry Services

You’re too busy to be your own general contractor. By offering all the services you need under one roof, we can provide:

  • Seamless coordination of painting and carpentry projects

  • Streamlined communication and scheduling

  • Consistent quality across all services

  • Cost savings from bundling services

  • Expertise in both fields, ensuring a cohesive final result

 Carpentry Services

Why Choose Northstar for Your Carpentry Project?

  • We are fully licensed and insured

  • Your project will never be sold to a subcontractor (we handle it directly!)

  • We are deadline-driven

  • We have extremely high employee retention, allowing us to offer consistent, personalized service from dedicated team members

  • Over the years, we have built strong relationships with exceptional vendors. If your project has unique requirements, we take the time to be certain that the ideal product and specifications are chosen for maximum performance.

  • Our clients include respected, well-known international brands

  • We will coordinate with your team, ensuring that your staff and operations will not be disrupted


Experience personalized service and the benefits of our invested team and high employee retention rate. Our estimators provide free estimates to help you get started, and you can trust that your project will be handled directly by our team with clear communication, consistency, and unique efficiency. Let us put our experience to work for you.