Our Story

Over 20 years ago, Avis Jaradi founded Northstar Painting. His goal was to serve clients well, grow the company, and keep expanding our service areas and capabilities.

As Avis looked for ways to make our company stand out among competitors, he realized that the painting industry, especially in the commercial and industrial sectors, often lacked a personal, invested touch. Projects were treated in an assembly-fine fashion, being handed off to multiple levels of subcontractors who were less and less invested in the results. Their reputation wasn’t on the line, and they were simply there to turn the work around as quickly as possible before moving on.

Northstar Painting has proven that we can focus on people and the results will follow.

Northstar Painting Today

We are extremely proud of our invested team and high employee retention rate, and the personalized service experience this allows us to offer. Our clients know that their project will be handled by us directly, with clear communication, consistency, and a unique efficiency that can only be offered by a team that works together for YOU.

Today, we serve clients throughout Michigan, and have worked around the country as well. Our capabilities and reach may have drastically grown, but the heart behind our services is the same. Contact us today to discuss your goals, and experience the Northstar Painting difference for yourself.