What Should You Look for in a Commercial Painter?

Painting and maintaining your commercial property is a huge undertaking, and often represents a significant investment on your part. In return, you need the job done well, consistently, and in a way that creates less stress and intrusion, not more.

As industry professionals, we’ve also seen firsthand the aftermath of work that’s done by less scrupulous service providers. Maybe you’ve experienced it too (we hope not!).

This all might leave you wondering how exactly you know you’ve found the right commercial painting contractor - one that’s a true asset, and can partner with you to protect and enhance your facility.

To help answer the question, we’re going to share 5 key questions that you should ask your prospective professional. We’ll also offer details about our own services and priorities, just to provide context and help you evaluate and understand the answers you get back.

5 Essential Questions To Ask Your Commercial Painting Company

#1: Are you fully licensed and insured?

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s critically important. If your painting company doesn’t have the right credentials and coverage, you can be held liable. It’s also a red flag that you aren’t working with a true professional.

#2: Do you hire subcontractors, or have your own team?

What’s the difference?

Well, while the subcontractor model is not always negative (some companies do have dedicated, repeat contractors), it can also lead to lower quality work and standards. This is because when a company hands your project to subcontractors, they suddenly have less control over the work being done, and the subcontractors have less direct investment in the process and your satisfaction. Here at Northstar, we have made the significant investment needed to build an in-house team, allowing us to provide consistent, high-quality services performed by a crew we know and trust.

#3: What other companies in our industry have you served?

Not only does this give you insight into their experience level, but it also lets you know what caliber of work they perform. At Northstar Painting, we can share a long list of brands we know you would recognize that we work with routinely, and have built strong relationships with. This says a lot, and it creates peace of mind for new clients who are considering our services.

#4: How flexible is your scheduling?

A professional, commercial painting company should be able to adapt to your needs, and offer the flexibility necessary to achieve your deadlines. This may include nights, weekends, off-hours, or just exceptional project containment that will allow the work to be completed without interrupting your operations.

#5: What is your communication process?

Communication makes the commercial painting world go round. And, it should be simplified for you as much as possible, with a clear point of contact that you can reach out to with any question or concern.

One Final Tip for Finding a Commercial Painting Professional

We would encourage you to think bigger than price alone as you compare estimates. There will always be companies that provide remarkably low figures, but at what cost? There is value in making an investment in quality (both quality services and experience) that will pay you back again and again.

Good luck with your search, and if you have any questions about our team here at Northstar Painting, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


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